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Free Android Unlock: HTC myTouch 4G


Unlocking your Android HTC myTouch 4G! Via S-OFF/Permaroot!

This process will do three things for your device. I will explain them here:

1. It will set up Super CID on your device allowing you to flash any carriers rom (not just T-Mobile). Giving you more freedom with your choice of software. The software still needs to be device specific to the Glacier/myTouch 4G for compatability reasons.

2. It will subsidy unlock (SIM unlock) your device. In other words, it will SIMUNLOCK your phone allowing you to use an AT&T sim card and so on in your device without needing the unlock code from HTC/T-Mobile.

This process will not change your bootloader (unless your on 0.86.0000 and you follow the optional steps).

This guide assumes you know how to use ADB. If you do not there are guides all over XDA to show you how. There is even a really good one in this forum. Also here is a video on how to setup adb discovered by topgun303:

For some reason this process can bork your recovery. If you notice after following the steps below that in order to reboot from recovery you have to uninstall/reinstall the battery and hit the power button, just install/reinstall clockwork recovery through Rom Manager in the android market and it will fix your problem.

Android Unlocking Time!!

Make sure you have visionary installed on your device.

Download this file:

1. Now unzip the file into your SDK tools directory.

2. Plug your device into your computer.

3. Now open explorer and hold down shift at same time you right mouse click on your SDK tools directory (platform-tools if you have the R8 version of the SDK). Select open command window here. If you are in linux (ubuntu) right mouse click on your SDK tools folder, choose actions, and choose open command window(or whatever it's called). Otherwise, open a command prompt and cd your way to your SDK tools directory.

4. Type "adb push gfree /data/local" and hit enter.

Optionally, you could dl the file to your phone use androzip or something like it to unzip the file and then use root explorer to move the file named gfree to /data/local. Not the gfree.h file. All the other files are source code inlcuded for the gnu license. This would skip the first 4 steps. 

5. Now unplug your device from the computer.

6. Run visionary to gain temp root. (If you were already permarooted w/s=off ignore this step.)

7. Open terminal emulator on your device, type "su", and hit enter to gain root privileges.

8. Type "cd /data/local" and hit enter.

9. Now type "chmod 777 gfree" and hit enter to make the program executable.

10. Type "./gfree -f" and hit enter.

New features in gfree.
gfree usage:
gfree [-h|-?|--help] [-v|--version] [-s|--secu_flag on|off]

With the new features you can turn off one thing at a time. You can also turn security back on and set the CID back to stock if you wish. To turn simlock back on you still have to follow the revert procedures on this page as the information that is patched to turn the lock off is encrypted and we can't write back to it other than restoring the entire image.

So, if you wanted to leave simlock on but turn security off and set super CID the command would be "./gfree --secu_flag off --cid 11111111" + enter. The -f switch after ./gfree that is now in the above step (./gfree -f) just tells gfree to patch everything.

11. Wait for the program to finish and then reboot into HBoot to see if S=Off. Also, check your bootloader version. If it says s=off and has bootloader version 0.86.0000 it worked.

If you already had hboot 0.85.2007 you can check it through the hboot menu. It gives you an option for "system info" in the hboot menu. Highlight it and hit power. It should say CID = 11111111 or something like that. If it does your golden.

12. If this is the first time you have rooted your device you will need to run visionary again (temproot w/set system r/w after root checked and then attempt permroot) to make root privileges permanent and then reboot again. Now "su" should work properly for you.

Gfree writes a backup of the file that it patches named Part7backup-numbers.bin on your sdcard. I suggest putting this file in a safe place as it is the only way to revert if you need to.

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