Site Updates


We have made a round of updates to our website Android Unlock.

Frontpage Issues

We’ve been alerted to the presence of an issue with our front page. This issue would not allow you to use our pagination to visit other pages of our front page. This led to many issues with users not being able to find their phones casually by browsing page to page. Weirdly enough, all of the pages on our website still worked fine.

Our developers have fully rectify this issue and you should be able to find your phones unlock rather easily now using our front page.

Sidebar Clutter Reduced

In order to remain intuitive as possible we have removed some of our sidebar elements which will give our website a cleaner appearance. We believe having too much text and other elements can actually be not only annoying but also distracting. We want all of our users to have the best experience possible in all working diligently to bring you that.

More Phone Unlocks on the Way

We are working super hard to bring you more phone unlock codes, phone unlocking software and other ways to unlock your phone for free. We also have a huge round of Android Rooting software and tools that you can use to root your android cell phone.