HTC Touch Unlock


Unlock HTC Touch Android phone FREE!


Cautions / Other Info

You may want to backup phone files to your PC just in case.

Unlock Tools You Might Need

HTC Touch Unlocking Software Files

Touch Unlock Files

or, download them all as one file.

Android HTC Touch Unlocking Instructions

Please closely follow these unlocking instructions so that your phone is properly unlocked.


  1. First copy the file ‘’ to your phone, install it and then run it.
  2. Second, also copy the file ‘to your phone, install it as well then run it too.
  3. Next, start an ActiveSync connection with the phone. Make sure this connection isn’t interrupted as it will mess up the unlocking process.
  4. Unzip the file that you downloaded previously, afterwards run the file inside named ‘Unlock_Touch.exe’ (this file resides on your computer).
  5. After this, a new file named ‘unlock_code.txt’ will be created and will contain your unlock code (an 8 digit unlock code). Ignore any additional digits, if any.

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