Samsung Galaxy S4 ( GT-i9505 )


Unlock your Android S4 aka GT-i9505!!

Finally you can unlock and free your phone from its restrictions from carriers.

When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone it usually comes locked from the retail location that you purchased it from. This is a huge annoying nuisance as you will not be able to use your newly purchased cell phone on other networks unless you unlock it first. Unlocking a new cell phone such as this one will usually cost money because the provider will likely not provide you with the unlock code that you need for free.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage from use that you may encounter by following this free android phone unlocking guide.

Cautions / Other Info

In case you need to backup your files (from phone to PC storage) you may need USB phone drivers for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Tools for the Job

S4 Android Unlocking Instructions

Before you get started please know that these instructions only work for the S4 Galaxy (GT-i9505) and not any other handsets.

Let’s get started unlocking!

  1. The first thing you want to do is power on your phone and open it’s dialer. Once you’ve opened the dialer punch in the following codes: * # 0011 #
  2. Afterwards you’ll want to hit the menu key and then press back, then slowly press the menu key again and choose the key input option. After this go ahead and enter service mode.
  3. After you have entered service mode press the menu key again and then press back. This will open up the main menu to the service mode. Once you do this press ‘[1] UMTS’.
  4. Now you need to select the ‘[1] DEBUG SCREEN’ then go to [6] PHONE CONTROL.
  5. On this next screen you need to go ahead and choose [6] NETWORK LOCK.
  6. Now you will have three options, click on the one that says ‘[3] OFF PERSONAL SHA256’.
  7. Now you need to go back to your main menu by pressing the menu key and then press the back key. Once you’re in the menu select ‘[6] COMMON’ , then ‘[6] NV REBUILD’.
  8. Your phone will notify you that golden backup currently exist. After does click on ‘[4] Restore Back-up’. After you do this your phone may freeze temporarily but afterwards a couple of screens might pop up and then the phone will restart by itself. Give it a few minutes as it may take some time to reboot.

Success! After your phone reboots you now have a fully unlocked android phone that can work with any carrier.

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